Unravelling the Hidden Gems: Decoding Added Value Ratings (AVR)

Cricket professionals, as well as casual observers, are well aware that not all T20 cricket innings or bowling spells are created equal. Judging the quality of a performance solely based on end-of-innings bowling analyses or a batter’s score and strike rate often fails to capture the complete picture. Let’s explore the concept of Added Value […]


WPL Auction

With the inaugural WPL auction signifying a huge leap in the progression of Women’s cricket, we were fascinated to see how it played out. We were delighted to be able to support RCB in some capacity with their draft strategy. It was a great way to use our data to see where value could be […]


England Lions Tour of Sri Lanka

As an analyst supporting the England Lions cricket team on their five-week tour to Sri Lanka, the first couple of weeks have been an incredible learning experience. I have been able to gain valuable insight into the team’s operations and the strategies they use to prepare for matches. The Test series was an enjoyable experience, […]